We are each the sum of our experience, opportunities and decisions. We are each unique and the world’s needs are great and diverse. My work has exposed me to so many different people who are doing wonderful things across the spectrum.

The common thread that connects us is not what we have done nor whether it is successful. It is that we are continually looking for the opportunity to act for good and it is our courage to make the attempt.

We are still works in progress—moving to a more complete perfection—but occasionally need to be reminded of the important, eternal values of life. We gain courage from others’ courage and others’ accomplishments inspire and renew us. I think this is a viewpoint that summarizes what a NOGWOG is. Now the question is what will you do about it?


nog’-wog n [no greatness without goodness] [L. nil magnum nisi bonum, nothing is great unless good]

TED Talk - February 2015

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